CCPA Policy

Shopify’s position on sale of personal information

Shopify does not believe that it sells consumer personal information under the CCPA. To provide its services, Shopify might share information with other service providers. For example, Shopify provides its service in part by storing information with its cloud storage providers. These service providers are bound by contract to perform only the services requested and prevented from using the information for their own purposes or sharing it any further. Because Shopify does not believe that it sells personal information, it's not necessary for you to opt out of the sale of your or your customers' personal information.

Sale of personal information

Under the CCPA, "sale" is defined broadly to include any exchange of personal information for either money or other valuable consideration. Shopify does not believe that you are selling your customers’ personal information to Shopify when you use its services to run your store. Shopify operates as a service provider and uses the information only to provide its services. The CCPA is clear that disclosures to service providers are not sales.

CCPA thresholds

Not all Shopify merchants and Partners are subject to the CCPA. The CCPA only applies to businesses that collect personal information of California residents, and that meet one of the following conditions:

  • Have an annual gross revenue of more than $25 million USD.
  • Annually buy, sell, receive for commercial purposes, or share for commercial purposes the personal information of 50,000 or more California consumers, households, or devices.
  • Derive 50% or more of their annual revenue from selling California consumers’ personal information.

Businesses are not subject to the law if they do not have a physical presence in California and their commercial conduct takes place wholly outside of California. If you’re using Shopify to power your online store, then this exclusion likely does not apply to you.

Certain requirements, such as the obligation to offer opting out of sale of personal information, apply only if you sell personal information of California consumers.